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Frequently asked question:

A free account allows you to post as many jobs as you like and view applications to your posted jobs. This allows you to know that you’ll find a great fit at absolutely no cost or risk. You only need to pay once you want to proceed with a certain individual.
Allowing free contact encourages low quality job posts and applications which hurt both sides of the hiring process. Keeping paid communications allows us to maintain high quality standards and ensure that our platform only consists of great employers, great talent and great relationships.
Yes, you can cancel anytime no questions are asked while you cancel but we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback.
We offer refunds. We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. For more information on our Refund policy, click here.

Hyaroo’s remote staff consists of highly talented, professional and pre-screened workers from Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Philippines.

The remote workers we connect you with prioritize a stable and long-term working relationship with a company that they can grow with. That’s why they are dedicated to serving your business in the best way they can. They will take every measure they can to ensure you’re satisfied so that they can avoid one-off projects and short-term engagements and instead stick around for the years to come.

For this reason our goal is to recruit workers who match these goals and characteristics. We do not allow just anybody on Hyaroo, but only those who understand that the key to long-term employment and success is to provide excellent service, perform work skillfully and responsibly, and act as a trusted member of your team.

Unlike other platforms that require you to work and communicate through them (or charge extra fees for both parties), Hyaroo clients have the benefit of working directly with their staff and paying them without any hidden fees or extra charges (we do not take any cut). We don’t mark up or take a cut out of worker salaries, force payment through our platform, or get in between communications. Essentially, you will take the reins and have full control once you hire your worker. All of these extra measures are designed to make your experience with remote staff as successful as possible.

We also offer a range of hiring solutions to make your life easier and connect you with quality talent faster. These services include:

Recruitment (we will find the best remote staff for you)

Office Solutions (your remote staff is placed in our office with full access to the internet and a dedicated working space)

Monitoring & Billing (we will monitor your employee, verify their hours worked and handle their payroll directly)

Feel free to visit the pages for our individual solutions if you’re interested in making the hiring process smooth and seamless.

These are workers that we’ve personally taken the time to verify and hand-select to be featured on our platform. All of our professionals are university-trained, proficient in English, and specialists in their respective fields. We’ve taken the time to only allow the cream of the crop so that you end up with exceptional stuff that you can trust to get your tasks done correctly.

We follow a specific process to add workers to our platform in order to ensure both their skills professionalism are all top notch. This is as follows:

First, once a remote worker creates their profile we review it to make sure that they have the education, experience and fluency we are looking for. We also check their identity and background to make sure they are real.

If their profile passes the first round of inspection, we then conduct a 30 minute interview and have them share more about their experience, skills and their goals in creating a profile and working for Hyaroo. This direct communication helps us determine that they have the right attitude and demeanor to serve as a trusted and reliable worker.

Upon passing the interview we then send them a training guide on Hyaroo’s best practices so that they can learn how to serve clients in the best way possible. They then have to take and pass a test based on this guide.

Finally, once they have gone through everything above we will then approve their application and allow them onto Hyaroo. This extensive process guarantees that anyone you hire is someone you can trust to serve your business correctly and dependably.

There is no fixed cost or set amount that you have to pay your remote worker. Every worker has a preferred monthly salary and hourly rate that is displayed on their profile.

To make things easier on our clients, we have categorized Hyaroo’s available staff into three categories (based on experience level) with estimated pricing for each. This helps you get a much more accurate idea of what the cost will be so that you can budget accordingly.

Note that the remote workers you contact very often desire a stable job and salary and value a good working relationship above all else. For this reason they are often willing to negotiate accordingly upon finding the right employer.

For payment, this is largely up to you and the remote worker. Many have PayPal accounts, but you may feel free to choose a payment system that works best for you and leaves both of you feeling comfortable and confident in sending payments.

Our remote workers primarily come from Bangladesh, but also consist of people from the Philippines, India, and other neighboring countries. The low cost of living in this area translates to a much more cost effective method of supporting your business than hiring traditional US-based staff.

The top priority of the remote staff we work with is a successful long-term relationship with a dependable employer. At the bottom of all this is trust.

The workers on our platform realize that the best way to succeed as a remote worker and support themselves is to be a trusted member of your team.

For this reason we examine our individuals before allowing them onto the platform to ensure that they are someone you can feel confident and comfortable in hiring.

There are a variety of time tracking softwares (not affiliated with Hyaroo) that you may use to verify the hours your remote staff has worked.

For best results, we recommend establishing clear guidelines on the scope of the work, (including details on specific tasks and when they should be completed) as well as the progress and completion of projects and tasks. We also recommend setting clear rules, guidelines and expectations for when your remote staff should be online and available to communicate.

Laying everything out upon hiring your remote worker and making all rules and requirements as clear as possible is the best way to ensure a successful working relationship.

Note: If you would like extra assistance in monitoring your worker and billing them accordingly, please see our optional Monitoring & Billing service here.

Our platform is designed to bring you the most qualified remote workers for the tasks you have posted. From then on you’ll want to first make sure that the applications and profiles you’ve received are an exact fit for what you need.

Once you’ve started communicating with your chosen applicants, we recommend paying attention to how they respond, communicate, and answer any questions you have. This will help you get the best feel for how it will be like to work with them.

Afterwards you’ll want to interview your chosen applicants to directly determine that they are a perfect match for both your required tasks and your business.

We’ve found that clients who follow this process have the best experience in finding the right remote worker and ensuring a successful long-term working relationship.

Don’t have time to find and interview the right professional for your task? We offer dedicated recruitment services for business owners who would prefer to have us find the perfect match for what they are looking for.

After we present you with the top candidates, you can make the final decision and work with them directly afterwards.

For more information on our Recruiting services, click here.

After you’ve hired your staff (or team of staff) you have the option to place them directly in our offices. Here they will have a dedicated workstation with full access to high speed internet and basic software they need to complete tasks.

They will be placed in a monitored environment alongside other staff who are dedicated to serving their clients. We find that replicating a real work environment and giving them all the tools they need to succeed helps workers stay more productive and efficient.

For more information, please see our Office Solutions page.

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