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Want to work as a successful remote professional with businesses that need your skills both full-time and long-term? Hyaroo provides Asian remote workers with incredible opportunities to partner with thousands of businesses that are looking for people just like you.

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How It Works

How To Get a Great Remote Job on Hyaroo

Let us help you find the perfect job opportunity for your needs. We partner with businesses that offer salaried remote positions (either full-time or part-time) and no commission based jobs, allowing you keep 100% of your income.

1. Create Your Profile

Create an impressive profile that showcases your skills, professional attitude, and previous work experience.

2. Interview With Hyaroo

You will then schedule a 30-45 minute interview with a Hyaroo rep. Upon passing this interview you will be eligible to proceed to step 3.

3. Pass the Best Practices Test

You’ll take a test on Hyaroo's Best Practices and Terms of Use. Upon passing you’ll be part of Hyaroo and ready to find work.

4. Apply for Remote Jobs

Apply for jobs posted by employers who need your skills. You will also receive emails to let you know about newly posted jobs that meet your skillset.

5. Receive Direct Communication

Interested employers will message you directly (through email or private chat) to continue the conversation and interview you.

6. Get Paid Directly

Congrats! You’ve now been hired and will directly receive 100% of your pay through the agreed payment method and channel.


Why Hyaroo Is The #1 Choice For Asian Remote Job Seekers


Earn more with absolutely zero fees or cuts

Unlike other platforms we don’t like to take cuts or charge extra fees. You will take home 100% of your earnings!


Constant job updates sent right to your inbox

We will email you newly posted jobs that meet your criteria twice a day so that you stay on top of job opportunities at all times.


Ensure steady, long-term employment and success

Hyaroo is built to create long-term and full-time working relationships between you and amazing businesses.


How Hyaroo creates incredible long-term opportunities for skilled remote workers all over the world

In order to maximize your success as a remote worker you will want to have some sort of skill or area that you are trained and proficient in. That said, clients have a wide variety of needs and some seek workers who are completely new that they can train from the ground up. If you do not have an area of expertise then we recommend showing to clients that you are dependable, organized, and ready to serve them however you can, as a great attitude is always very valuable to clients.

Unlike Upwork or Fiverr, Hyaroo is specifically designed for remote workers from Asia who seek long-term, full-time and salary based remote work. We do not encourage one-time projects and short-term work, and Hyaroo employers are aware of this. They come specifically looking for someone who they can make part of their team and grow with them.

Because of this Hyaroo remote workers do not have to continuously bid and apply for projects all the time like on Upwork or Fiverr. Once they find a great match they will often be hired full-time and will not need to continue to seek out more work.

Additionally, we do not take anything out of your earnings, meaning you keep 100% of what you earn. Hyaroo workers will enjoy higher earnings over the long term, allowing them to achieve steady and secure incomes once they have been hired.

Being trained in a specific area is not mandatory, but it is recommended as having a skill you can offer to clients will make you a more valuable and sought after candidate. If you are relatively unskilled or would like to improve your current skills and gain an edge over other candidates, we recommend taking trainings or classes in an area that you think will be valuable to employers. This can be online and self-paced or instructor-led and in a physical classroom. Anything that provides a certificate at the end will be very helpful, as you can use this to demonstrate proof of your skills to potential employers.

For best results your profile will want to feature:

  1. A real and professional photo of yourself,
  2. A complete description of all relevant skills,
  3. An informative profile description that shares more details about you

Examples of details that employers look for are more information about your attitude and personality, your past experience and projects, and any specific type of work you’re looking for at the moment. This allows employers to feel comfortable in choosing you and allows us to match you to better jobs, employers and opportunities.

You can apply to any job that you feel matches your skills, requirements and experience level. We always recommend reading job descriptions completely so that you clearly understand what the employer is looking for and whether you can confidently provide this help. Feel free to apply to any job that you feel is a great match and a fit for your skills.
Hyaroo charges absolutely no fees to job seekers or remote staff. You can feel free to register an account, apply to jobs and accept a position at no cost whatsoever. We keep the entire process completely free!
Yes, as this allows us to verify that you are from a country that Hyaroo allows workers from. This also lets us ensure that you are a real person. We do not keep your ID information after we have received and reviewed it. Once we have verified that you are eligible to work on Hyaroo then we will place a checkmark on your profile so that employers can feel comfortable and confident in choosing you.

Hyaroo allows employers to pay you directly based on whichever payment method you and your employer agree on. No payment is done through the platform and no fees are taken out. We recommend communicating with your employer to find an arrangement that is most convenient for both of you.

Note that if your employer decides to use our Payroll service, we will pay you through a local bank account or find a suitable solution for your needs.

This completely depends on the arrangement you have made with your employer. Common payment schedules include every 2 weeks or once every month at an agreed upon date. If you have just been hired we recommend requesting weekly payments for the first few weeks to limit your risk and ensure reliable payment from your employer.

Hyaroo’s employers seek remote staff of all skill levels, as some are startups who are looking for inexperienced individuals to learn and grow with them. There are a full range of skill sets and experience levels in demand - what is most valuable to employers is someone who is professional, reliable, and dedicated to doing an excellent job.
While being completely fluent in English isn’t necessary, it will give you a competitive edge as most employers are from the US, UK, Australia and other english-speaking countries. A great relationship comes from great communication, so we recommend having at least a baseline level of English that lets you understand and speak with employers clearly.
We do everything in our power to resolve salary disputes and ensure that a fair outcome is reached for both parties. The biggest reason an employer may refuse to pay is due to work that they are not satisfied with. This can easily be prevented by making sure you have the skills they’re looking for, performing a great job to the best of your ability, and working with them to understand their requirements. In the rare instance that an employer completely refuses to pay, we will remove them from the site and compensate you as best we can. You also have the option to review employers and verify that they are credible, ethical and trustworthy.
Your ID Score is determined by the amount of information you provide about your identity. A small amount of information will result in a low ID Score. You can ensure a high score by providing as many details as possible about who you are (such as Government ID, valid picture, social media info, and other relevant details). This ensures that only real and legitimate workers are being displayed to employers and helps them feel more confident in contacting you.
No tests are required outside of our mandatory Best Practices and Terms of Use Test that you need to pass to be part of Hyaroo. However, taking additional tests will show employers that you are more skilled than other applicants and increase your chances of being hired.
Our dedicated staff work hard to manually review and carefully examine all submitted profiles for false information. We also verify this in our interview process. In the rare instance that a lying worker is not found out right away, we will permanently ban them from the Hyaroo platform upon discovering false or dishonest info. Even if a lying worker is somehow not discovered, they will set themselves up for a bad work relationship with an unsatisfied employer who will not pay, resulting in no gain for them anyways.
This depends on how active you are in seeking, applying and responding to job opportunities. For best results we recommend applying only to jobs that are a match for your skill set and experience level and to submit quality applications that show employers you can really help them. To get hired more quickly you’ll want to stay on top of new job posts and respond quickly when potential employers reach out.
A college education is not required, although it can help in many cases. What’s most important is your actual skill set and work experience - this can be from passing a technical course and accumulating experience through related jobs.
Yes, interviews are a standard part of the process and are required by almost all employers. This is mainly so that they can talk with you firsthand and get a better sense of what it will be like to work with you. Interviews are commonly done through skype, video or phone calls depending on how your employer wants to set it up.
Hyaroo primarily works with remote staff from Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and related countries. If you are unsure whether your country is applicable, then contact us and we will let you know if you are eligible to work on Hyaroo.
The 3 categories that Hyaroo remote staff can fall into are Basic, Intermediate and Expert. These correspond to your years of experience and level of expertise in a certain area. See more details below.
You fall into this category if you have anywhere from 0 to less than 2 years of relevant experience. Workers in this category should be able to competently complete the tasks they have knowledge of or experience in, but will likely need ongoing direction or instruction from employers. Your salary will be within the minimum and maximum range set for this category ($350-$600/Month).
You fall into this category if you have anywhere from 2 to less than 5 years of relevant experience. Workers in this category should have completed a variety of projects and have a full portfolio of previous work experience. Intermediate workers can either choose to complete their tasks independently, work closely with their clients to plan the project, or make a decision on what is most appropriate. Your salary will be within the minimum and maximum range set for the Intermediate category ($700-$1200/Month).
You fall into this category if you have 5 or more years of relevant experience. Workers in this category should be dedicated specialists in their given fields while also being knowledgeable in related areas. Expert workers can choose to function as a team leader or project manager and will likely help the client with planning, strategizing and consulting. Your salary will be within the minimum and maximum range set for the Intermediate category ($1300-$2500/Month)

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